Football Association of Wales Accreditation Coaching 

FAW Level 1 - An Introduction to Coaching

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This certificate provides a basic and engaging introduction to the organization of football (soccer) practice in a fun, safe environment with the emphasis on engaging with the young players of today. The award provides learners with an opportunity to discover and consider the technical and social support that we, as coaches, can provide to our players, discussing various practical aspects.

This course is a mixture of online eLearning and a practical one-day session providing a basic and engaging introduction to the organisation of team, training and game management in a fun and safe environment, with an emphasis on engaging with the young players of today.


FAW "C" Certificate

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Prior to participating in the 'C' Certification, coaches must have completed the FAW Level 1 - An Introduction to Coaching.

The FAW 'C' Certificate is designed to educate candidates in the technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social requirements of modern football. It will develop candidates' ability to plan, prepare, deliver and reflect on coaching sessions for development of players.

The course is comprised of online modules and coursework throughout a 5 day intensive in-person coaching clinic. Coaches will be expected to deliver practical session, both on and off the pitch. The course will total 40 hours over 5 days.

Football Association of Wales and MLFA have teamed up to deliver fully accredited Coaching Certification Courses with in the UEFA Coaching Pathway. These Courses Focus on developing the critical skills of coaches from all levels and all backgrounds to be their best and pursue their coaching passions with the tools and support to succeed. Each course is delivered by fully accredited and qualified staff who provide professional advice and support throughout the training.

Kelly Lindsey

26 Years of coaching in youth, collegiate, youth national team, professional and international football.

  • USSF A Licences Coach

  • Former US Women's National Team Player

  • Head of Coach Afghanistan Women's National Team

  • CONIFA Women's Football Director

Introduction to Coaching the Female Athlete

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The female champion dies not develop over-night, there are unique tweaks to coaching the female athlete. But at the heart of it all... if you do not have the passion, knowledge and values to coach females, then you will consistently struggle to lead them toward their potential best.

With a firm commitment to the development of women's football globally, it is Kelly's passion to support coaches and clubs in developing the culture where girls passionately love to play.

Available for ALL sports.

We explore:

  • Culture of Champions

  • Cultivating Mentality

  • Sessions Females Love

  • Phases of Teaching

  • Developing Physicality

  • Champion Communication